About 25 Ventures

25 Ventures is a collection of startup veterans who take ideas from scratch or existing startups in their infancy and turn them into independent companies using shared expertise and resources.

Having been part of more than 100 startups, we speak “Founder” fluently. We deeply understand the challenges of explaining YOUR IDEAS to the world, building products, launching companies, building teams, raising money, marketing and the all the other stuff you deal with on a daily basis.

Because of this, we have seen (and made) all the mistakes in the book. In fact, we are writing a book about them right now! It is our mission, rather our calling, to help other entrepreneurs avoid errors, save time and grow faster at all costs.


Knowledge Distribution

Unlike incubators or accelerators, the main goal of a venture studio is to actively build a startup as part of the team, not an outside investor or advisor. We provide active involvement and resources dedicated to working operationally on the project, for an important period of time.


Daily Value

We provide a pool of instantly available resources that create an internal culture of trust, deal flow, attentiveness, and determination. We are leading the fight to end poor entrepreneurship. The Daily Drop is an online forum where we disclose everything the 25 Ventures team did and heard from the previous day.

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Instead of building one project at a time we focus in on creating a portfolio of companies that can help one another during their growth phases. This community approaches greatly reduces errors being made by more than one company.

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